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Resco Field Service 2.0 for Dynamics 365 helps Dräger’s field technicians service life-saving equipment

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Resco Field Service+ for Dynamics 365 helps Dräger’s field technicians service life-saving equipment

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About Dräger

Dräger is an international leader in medical and safety technology. Our products protect, support, and save lives. Founded in 1889, Dräger generated revenues of over EUR 3,4 billion in 2020. The Dräger Group is currently present in over 190 countries and has more than 15,600 employees worldwide. Please visit for more information.

Business challenge: Slow service delivery due to outdated app

Whether you’re a doctor or a patient, when you’re in the operating room, you want peace of mind that every piece of equipment – from the surgical lighting to the patient monitor to the anesthesia machine – is in perfect working condition. In the neonatal intensive care unit, newborns cling to proper ventilation, heating, and jaundice treatments for developmental care and infection prevention in their golden hour of life. Miners don’t want to worry about their safety when they go underground. And firefighters need to be able to breathe easily in dangerous situations. Dräger, which has manufactured and serviced such equipment for over a century, understands that moments matter when it comes to protecting a person’s life.

Before starting to work with Resco technology, the company’s outdated Outlook Offline app, which Microsoft no longer supported, had long synchronization times, frustrated operations teams, and field service technicians trying to view, manage, and coordinate service schedules and parts requirements. If field service technicians cannot efficiently manage their day-to-day work, repairs, and maintenance for the hospitals, fire stations, and other customers who use their products could be delayed.

To provide their customers with world-class service, Dräger wanted a faster, more reliable, and feature-rich mobile app that would allow their field service force to work offline.

It’s important that people trust the tools that our operations teams and technicians work on to do their jobs,Joern Mohr, Product Owner Service Execution at Dräger

Dräger looked for a trusted and well-established software product offering a high-quality solution that adapts to their processes with out-of-the-box customization capabilities. Therefore, they selected Resco Field Service+ and tailored it directly to their own Dynamics 365 field service solution to help streamline field service processes.

Solution: Solving customer care issues in no time

The critical first step was designing a human-centered solution. Dräger worked with Avanade’s Digital Innovation Studios to develop a user interface (UI) design that would personalize the user experience and collect insights to maximize engagement. Co-creation teams of service key users and experienced field service technicians from all over the world were formed to follow the development’s progress and control the direction.

“Inclusion was an important aspect of the design process,” noted Mohr. “We wanted to make sure that data is visualized in a way that makes navigating the app easy for the technicians, so we carefully chose the right icons and visual indicators. We even made sure everything was readable for those who are color-blind.”

Avanade helped Dräger upgrade its customer relationship management (CRM) platform to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This cloud-enabled business application provides built-in intelligence to monitor and track equipment data, such as time in use and average pressure. In the future, Dräger can use this data to have “intelligent conversations” with their customers about their products, increase customer satisfaction, help reduce service costs, and increase the patient’s trust in their health services. “When the back office runs smoothly, our technology can focus on the customer,” said Mohr.

As the 2020 Resco Innovation Partner of the Year, Avanade understood how the right mobile technologies can help Dräger improve both employee and customer experiences. The final phase was to replace Outlook Offline with Resco Field Service+ and connect it directly to the Dynamics 365 system to help streamline field service processes. For example, field service technicians can use the app to digitize their service process and work seamlessly at places where no network connection is available.

By analyzing the customer and user-specific requirements, we were able to create a mutual understanding in the service processes. We tested the solution together with the Dräger team and worked closely to optimize the mobile application according to the users’ ideas and years of experience in the field.Verena Liebau, creative director for UI/UX at Avanade

The ease and effectiveness of these remote working capabilities are critical at a time when resilience and agility are must-haves for any business. “Because of our products, customers see us as leaders in the modern tech world,” said Hauke Jacobsen, IT Architect for Service Execution at Dräger. “Having Resco’s mobile app to implement offline use cases with ease reaffirms this reputation.”

For field technicians using the app to digitize their service work and experience the most important use cases in an offline-only scenario, outstanding solution highlights have been developed and customized during the project cycle. These include bulk registering time and material bookings for an exhaustive number of work orders in one go, using their custom-built test instructions software seamlessly on top of the Resco Field Service+ data storage, being able to check the completeness of service work in no time for a nearly unlimited number of work orders and pushing the limits of Mobile Report customization.

Results: A better workplace experience for a better customer experience

Today, the app is live for over 1,100 users. Once complete, more than 2,500 Dräger technicians will benefit from:

  • Faster field service dispatching by data being synced in seconds rather than minutes
  • Better data availability, visibility and reporting capabilities to see what parts and equipment exactly are needed for each job, so they’re prepared upon arrival at the customer site
  • Less back-and-forth warehouse runs and communication with customers and operational management teams
  • Increased stability, speed and efficiency to make employees’ lives easier and improve their overall workplace satisfaction

Our employees reported that they are extremely happy with the Resco mobile app because now they have a system they can rely on to manage protocols and data maintenance. The Resco app allows them to focus on what truly matters – servicing life-saving equipment.Norman Rothe, Head of CRM at Dräger

Faster, more reliable services from this upgrade also boost the customers’ confidence in Dräger products. Near real-time visibility of service assessments and requirements speed up the authorization process for service and repairs. Workers can now submit equipment information and sign work orders on the spot using the detailed mobile reports we created. For example, when a firefighter gets a breathing air cylinder refilled, the equipment certification is immediately available so these rescue workers can continue running their equipment.

After all, in their business, moments matter when lives are at stake.

Dräger’s digital transformation marks its continued commitment to being a modern, innovative, and intelligent company that attracts and retains top talent.

“Like many other workforces that are aging and retiring, there’s a huge demand to find new skilled personnel. They want to work with modern tools and equipment, so it’s important to be an employer that provides its employees with the latest technologies and is attractive to new talent.”Norman Rothe, Head of CRM at Dräger

Now, in addition to providing quality technology solutions for gas and flame detection, respiratory and personal protection equipment, as well as escape and rescue equipment, Dräger has the tools and agility to respond to changing demands and expectations.


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