Try Resco Inspections solution for Power Platform

The Resco Inspections solution is a set of tools, features and pre-configured components demonstrating Resco’s capabilities on Dataverse / Power Platform. The package includes a managed Dataverse solution, pre-configured Woodford project, custom tables, sample data, demo questionnaires, mobile reports and more.

In order to use the Resco Inspections solution you also need to download and install Woodford for Dynamics 365 Online. For more details see the Resco Inspections solution Setup Guide available in the Setup Package.

Woodford customization tool

Woodford for standalone Resco Cloud organizations – You can access Woodford via browser when you log into your organization with an admin user.

How do I log into my organization?

If you are not sure which login page to use, check you email for organization registration details.

Salesforce managed package