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What is Resco Field Service 2.0

Resco has been Microsoft’s Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app) provider since 2018. Resco Field Service 2.0 provides seamless mobile continuity for Dynamics 365 Field Service customers who’ve been relying on Resco technology till now.

We move in lockstep with Microsoft, making sure your Field Service 2.0 app will continue to work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 in the long-run.

Why choose Resco Field Service 2.0

Extend the life of your mobile app

You’ve invested time and money in developing your project. No need to rebuild it from scratch and compromise on what’s important to you. By switching to Resco Field Service 2.0, you can keep your current mobility setup and get new improvement options.

Secure maximum productivity

Ensure your field team’s productivity stays at its peak, even in remote locations with no service or Wi-Fi. With Resco’s industry-leading offline capabilities, your technicians will save time and guarantee seamless service quality.

Keep your technicians satisfied

Does your field team love its tools? Your technicians already know how to use Resco app and enjoy its mobile-first design. There’s no need to re-train them with a new solution or risk user adoption issues.

Stay mobile-first and unlock new features

Customize your app efficiently with Resco’s mobile-first design. Add your branding, and unlock powerful features like inspections, custom reports, or digital signatures.

Field Service Mobile app
Transition to Resco Field Service 2.0

How to transition to Resco Field Service 2.0

Switching to Resco requires minimal effort and takes only a few days. Follow this simple step-by-step process in the Resco Field Service 2.0 for D365 Transition Guide.

Key advantages

Offline-first DNA

When we say offline, we mean it. Don’t worry about limits – ensure application performance even with millions of records and complex tables.

Superior Sync

Control what is being synchronized and how. Take advantage of advanced sync filters, optimized app storage, and up to 10X faster sync than alternatives.

Mobile-first Design

Our platform, apps, and customization options are designed with the mobile user at the forefront. So are the tools for app performance and data security.

Resco community

Our team provides unparalleled customer support and develops requested features at lightning speed, giving your business a competitive edge.

Supported Devices

No matter what devices your technicians use, it just works. Field Service 2.0 runs on desktops, mobile, smart watches, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Valuable Integrations

Resco connects seamlessly with various third-party solutions. It helps customers save time, money, and expensive storage space.







Let us help you make the right decision

Find out how Resco helps service organizations optimize their field operations

Faster field service dispatching by data being synced in seconds rather than minutes
Our employees reported that they are extremely happy with the Resco mobile app because now they have a system they can rely on to manage protocols and data maintenance. The Resco app allows them to focus on what truly matters – servicing life-saving equipment. Norman Rothe, Head of CRM Dräger
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Full overview of company assets, saving hours in the field and improved data quality.
Our technicians needed full offline capability, and we didn't see any other solution that could fulfill this need as proficiently as Resco. The lack of offline mode was one of the biggest shortcomings of our previous system. Rasmus Bjørn Vinther, IT developer Kemp & Lauritzen
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5000+ client visits a day by 1200 workers
For our 1,200 people in the field we wanted to enable easy access to schedules, data capturing regarding health care visit progress, clinical assessments, and patient monitoring. Resco enables Nurse Maude teams to access all of this information on the go, as well as plan and successfully complete more than 5,000 client visits every day. Melanie Wall, IT Manager Nurse Maude
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Nurse Maude Case Study
To deal with complex field service scenarios, Civtec deployed Resco’s all-in-one solution Field Service 2.0
Approximately 85% of Civtec customer bookings were scheduled and accessible in the Resco Field Service 2.0 app within the first week of go-live. Kate Waring, Continuous Improvement Lead Civtec
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Civtec deployed Resco´s all-in-one solution Field Service 2.0

We are pioneers in mobile work solutions

Resco’s mobility solutions are built on over 20 years of expertise. Our mission is to develop the best experience for mobile workforces. Resco Field Service 2.0 for Dynamics 365 grows with you as your service operations grow.

Resco's mobility solutions

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