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Power Platform Masterclass Vol. 2, Day 1: Setting up the mobile app

Get to know the business case of Z.A.P. Energy Cleaning, a fictional industrial cleaning leader with a need to digitize non-CRM processes and teams. 

  • Intro to Resco on Power Platform and the business challenge 
  • Showcase of the final solution with screenshots and solution architecture 
  • Setting up the Resco Inspections Solution for Power Platform 
  • Setup of Resco Mobile app  

Read more about the webinar series in our blog: Build end-to-end mobile business solutions: Join the Power Platform Masterclass vol. 2

  • Duration: 30 minutes (including Q&A)
  • Speakers: Nicholas Boxall, Knowledge Specialist, and Lukas Lesko, Support and Education Manager 

Links to additional video resources: 

Power Platform masterclass Vol. 1, Day 3: Choosing the right mobile app – Power Apps and Resco


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