Frontline Workers in the Digital Age: A Guide for the Energy Sector

Digitalization in the energy sector can not only increase efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs but also extend the lifetime of assets. For long, employers focused mainly on office workers. But a majority of the workforce in the energy and utility sector don’t sit behind a desk during the day. And while companies provide them with digital technology increasingly, 70% of workers feel they would benefit from additional solutions, including communications, operations & logistics, onboarding, and training.

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What you will learn:

  • Major benefits that digital solutions bring to the energy sector
  • Key impacts of digital solutions on your workers and company results
  • How to start with digitalization and how to avoid the mistakes of others
  • Real-life digitalization success stories from the energy industry
  • Industry-recognized tools that make your business and frontline workers ready for the 21st century
  • And more!

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