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Completing 5000 patient visits a day with Field Service 2.0 for Dynamics 365

Completing 5000 patient visits a day with Field Service+ for Dynamics 365

About Nurse Maude

Nurse Maude Association is a major organization providing community healthcare services across the Canterbury, Nelson/Marlborough, and Wellington regions in New Zealand. As a values-driven organization, their focus is on improving the lives of those they care for and on supporting increasingly overburdened hospitals.

Nurse Maude provides domestic assistance, personal care, and specialty nursing, so clients can retain independence and live safely at home. It is available for anyone recovering in their own home from an accident or surgery, those who have been assessed as needing support, and to those with a life-limiting illness. The organization also operates the Aged Care Residential facility for patients who require hospital level care.

Business Challenge

To keep track of all their activities, Nurse Maude had invested in Microsoft Dynamics 365 – to manage patient information and use it as a scheduling tool. Before that, the staff in the field were using a paper-based system to record actual visit times and details. There was no timely capture of data, no visibility of actual progress, and no way to efficiently inform workers about critical schedule updates and changes.

Therefore, Nurse Maude needed to pair their Dynamics 365 with a reputable mobile solution to complete the solution. The association’s IT Manager, Melanie Wall, recalls:

For our 1,200 people in the field we wanted to enable easy viewing of their schedules, capturing information regarding health care visit progress, clinical assessments, and patient monitoring. And feed this data to our Dynamics 365 without unnecessary delay and manual re-typing that plagued the paper-based approach. Due to the nature of our work, we also needed a highly customizable solution that could be set up to precisely match our processes.


Intergen, Nurse Maude’s IT implementation partner, recommended Resco’s Field Service+ as the ideal mobile solution. It connects directly with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and can be customized without any limitations, even without coding.

Together, Nurse Maude and Intergen have set up 2 app projects for different types of field employees—one for the support workforce and the other for the clinical workforce.

Support workers are not required to have a professional registration with a regulatory (e.g. Nursing Council of New Zealand). They deliver care to clients as directed and delegated by case managers, nurses, or other registered professionals. They mostly assist clients with personal hygiene and dressing, meal preparation, shopping and housework. And to record the work and progress they’re using the Support worker mobile project on their Resco app. It utilizes 52 custom entities. The support workers use it mainly to capture their daily activities, travel, and required follow-ups.

On the other hand, clinical workers are required to have a professional registration with a regulatory body. These are registered and enrolled nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and counselors. They visit clients to make assessments of health needs and plan and deliver health-related care (e.g., wound care, drains, injectable and oral medication administration, IV infusions, catheter care and changes, and Palliative care). They also provide instructions for nursing coordinators to create ongoing care schedules. With the Clinical Worker mobile project on their Resco app they can capture all clinical needs – medical assessments, look up general practitioner data, view their schedules, and view patient referral data. It utilizes 189 custom entities.

The Resco application enables both user groups to provide work status updates. Clinical notes and client details can be looked up, entered, edited, and updated whenever required. A record of tasks completed during a visit can be captured for every client. The workers can also fill out assessments and forms stored directly in their Resco app and even print them out in the field as required.

Ultimately, the mobile solution empowers both Support and Clinical field workers to efficiently collect and share real-time data from visits. It is then fed directly to Nurse Maude’s Dynamics 365 and processed by their service coordinators. The BI team can then export extracts for further reporting and analysis – resulting in a seamless overview of the care and services provided to each and every client.


Essential insights for more than 1,200 field workers

The Resco application enabled Nurse Maude to put key information from their Dynamics 365 at the fingertips of 1,200-people-strong mobile workforce. They can now immediately access digital materials such as care plans, referral documentation, and more.

Improving clinical data accuracy

At the same time, these workers are now sharing real-time data from their visits. This has provided instant visibility into community care and service for the Nurse Maude back office team.

Higher quality care across 5000 visits a day

As a result, actual visit times and progress can be analyzed and compared to Nurse Maude’s database. Based on this information, further efficiencies can be introduced, and staff can be better utilized throughout the day with reduced down times. That’s why with Resco’s Field Service+, Nurse Maude are scheduling and successfully completing more than 5,000 client visits every day.

Changes communicated clearly

There are no more print outs of rosters and visit schedules. In the app, every worker sees their current schedule and gets instantly notified about changes. Maps are also available to guide them to their destinations. With information always at hand, even lastminute visit won’t catch them off guard.

Universal user adoption

The Nurse Maude workforce have a different range of IT skills. It was important that staff at all levels were able to use the mobile solution. With the Resco app, association encountered only an extremely small percentage of users that required continued support which was encouraging.

Resco is a seamless yet extremely powerful tool and provided the all-important ability to customize. We are a health organization as well as a charity, so having tools that allow flexibility is key to our success. Health demands and legislation are constantly changing and we need to be able to respond with high quality service, continuing to meet our clients’ needs. Melanie Wall, IT Manager at Nurse Maude concluded


Nurse Maude - Case Study PDF Video: How Dräger uses Resco´s Field Service+ to service life-saving equipment

Resco offers a reliable long-term solution that enables you to prepare for the future without wasting the investment you’ve already put into mobility. You can seamlessly migrate to Resco Field Service+ for Dynamics 365, too.