Case study
NAI Significa saves 10 minutes on every inspection after deploying Resco Inspections

NAI Significa saves 10 minutes on every inspection after deploying Resco Inspections

40% increase in efficiency


8-10 minutes saved on every inspection


Standardized data collection


About NAI Significa

NAI Significa is a global consulting company with experience in valuation services including real estate, energy review certificates, and financial consulting services. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since 2018, NAI Significa is part of NAI Global, a leading global commercial real estate brokerage firm with more than 375 offices worldwide. Their clients include international companies, foreign and domestic financial institutions, as well as Slovenian companies and individuals.

Business Challenge

Before implementing Resco Inspections, the delivery of data from field technicians to analysts was inefficient and slow. Field technicians captured all information on paper forms, then they took a photo of the document and sent it over to the analysts. They then needed to transcribe the information into their system. NAI Significa wanted to digitalize this process to capture data in the field (such as pictures, measurements, renovation details, number of rooms) as quickly and accurately as possible. The more the company grew, the more they realized the urgent need for digitalization.


For NAI Significa, a key factor for choosing Resco instead of similar available solutions was that not many solutions could match Resco’s extensive customization options.

Resco allows us to modify our questionnaires whenever we want to, and to further develop our ideas and needs. We are constantly adding and changing the components of the questionnaire. We like to keep our questionnaires simple, and it’s very easy to make changes if we want to. shared Aljosa Nikolic, Analyst at NAI Significa.

NAI Significa utilizes Resco Inspections as their standalone solution for collecting data in the field and sharing it with their back office.

We capture all important data from the field with Resco Inspections. First, we make the complete tour of the real estate that we are evaluating, we take pictures, and then note the information that is important for us (such as construction year, renovations, type of heating, etc.). This data is crucial for us for several reasons. For example, if the real estate was renovated, the market value is higher. If we evaluate a building built in 2010, we will compare it with other buildings constructed in the same year. Our analysts incorporate all this information from the field into our reports, added Aljosa Nikolic.


Saving 10 minutes on every inspection

One of the primary benefits NAI Significa’s team experienced is that providing data from the field to the back office takes significantly less time, reducing the length of the entire inspection process.

On average, we save 10 minutes on every inspection since there is no need for communication between the field inspector and the analyst in the office – leading to a 40% increase in efficiency. Now the field inspector just sends the answered questionnaire to the analyst, which only takes a few seconds. It’s a straightforward and quick process, and analysts can get on with evaluating the properties immediately, said Aljosa Nikolic, Analyst at NAI Significa.

Standardized data & reliable support

Apart from time savings related to data transmission, another huge benefit is that the data is standardized – all field inspectors capture data the same way and with the same efficiency. Data quality is much better too. And of course, we appreciate that the support from Resco is always quick and reliable.

Connecting via API

Aljosa also shared that the next step on their journey is to connect the Resco app with their internal company app via the provided API. This way, the data captured in the field will go automatically to their reports, speeding up their processes even more, as analysts in the office will need to edit the captured data even less.


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