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Kemp & Lauritzen gains full overview of assets with Resco Field Service 2.0

Kemp & Lauritzen gains full overview of assets with Resco Field Service+

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Full overview of company assets


Saving hours in the field


Improved data quality


About the company

Kemp & Lauritzen is Denmark’s largest technical installation company. It offers a wide range of technical services related to electricity, plumbing, cooling, ventilation, fire safety, security systems, and more. Headquartered in Albertslund near Copenhagen, the company has offices all over Denmark with more than 2500 employees.

Business challenge

Kemp & Lauritzen’s old system was outdated and no longer supported. They wanted to replace it with an up-to-date system that they could tailor to their needs.

Before utilizing the white-labeled Resco app provided by Microsoft as part of Dynamics 365 Field Service, the company didn’t have a good overview of its resources. This resulted in wasted and inefficiently handled opportunities.

For example, technicians who were miles away were called to an urgent task instead of those who were just minutes away from the scene. This was because the back office didn’t have a proper overview of the technicians’ location and, therefore, couldn’t determine who would be the best fit for a particular job. They wanted to manage their resources more efficiently.

We also wanted to store all customer-related data in one place. Previously, data was scattered around multiple systems, and we didn’t have a good overview of our customers nor of our service-related documentations. This constantly caused us problems. We wanted to organize our data to eliminate these issues and have a clear overview of everything. We knew that fully digitizing our processes is the best way to achieve this. Rasmus Bjørn Vinther, IT Developer at Kemp & Lauritzen


The company has been initially using the Resco-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service app. One of the chief reasons Kemp & Lauritzen chose this over other similar solutions is that it can handle complex setup, which was crucial for the company. Moreover, they didn’t find any other solution that could work as seamlessly offline as the Resco-based app.

Recently, Kemp & Lauritzen switched to Resco’s Field Service+ – to get the full Resco mobile experience without any limitations. They wanted to leverage Resco Inspections, which is now a core part of their mobile solution.

Our transition to Field Service+ was very smooth. Resco’s experts guided us through every step of the process. They helped us install the app, set up the questionnaires, and understood our business needs perfectly. We even visited Resco at their headquarters in Bratislava and created our first questionnaire together. Every second week, we have a meeting to discuss new challenges, potential issues, and questions from our side. And even if we have any questions in the meantime, the Support team always replies to our emails immediately. Rasmus Bjørn Vinther, IT Developer at Kemp & Lauritzen


Saving hours thanks to full offline capability

Since the company provides technical services across various environments, being able to work fully offline is a crucial requirement. They often work in completely remote settings with little or no internet connectivity.

Our technicians needed full offline capability, and we didn’t see any other solution that could fulfill this need as proficiently as Resco. The lack of offline mode was one of the biggest shortcomings of our previous system. Our technicians could only do their jobs online, and it was often hours before they could connect to a network. Now, with Resco, this issue has been erased. They are very happy with the change. It saves them a lot of time and streamlines their work. They love that the app works seamlessly not only on their tablets but their mobile phones, too. Rasmus Bjørn Vinther, IT Developer at Kemp & Lauritzen

Improved reporting and data quality

We’ve seen big improvements in the quality of our questionnaires, as well as in reporting to our customers. We are no longer over- or underservicing, which was a big issue before. It’s no longer happening thanks to the outstanding questionnaire detail level – we can show our technicians exactly the questions they have to answer. Furthermore, the reporting from our technicians is much faster. Before utilizing Resco, they had to manually put in their hours for the entire week on Friday afternoons. That was not only time-consuming but also ineffective. We needed to have those hours in our system every day and, with the Field Service+ mobile solution, we do. Rasmus Bjørn Vinther, IT Developer at Kemp & Lauritzen

The company has seen a significant improvement in data quality too. Now they have a full overview of the assets they have with customers. Moreover, the back office team has gained a deeper understanding of the field technicians’ everyday lives and agenda. By having a better overview of everything happening in the field, they can provide technicians with more reliable support. They’re also able to also recognize patterns – for example, the busiest periods in terms of workload across days, weeks, and even months. Being aware of these patterns, they are better prepared and not caught by surprise when the amount of work orders ramps up.

Everything in one place

Before implementing the Resco app, the company’s field staff didn’t have a centralized go-to hub. Information was scattered around various systems, leading to confusion, missed opportunities, and a lack of quantifiable data. Now, everything is gathered in a single system, and technicians have all the job information they need at their fingertips.

Evaluation and plans

I think there’s a lot of possibility in Resco, and I can only recommend it to everyone. Our transition has been smooth and easy. The support is everything one can wish for – the response time is less than a day, and our questions are always promptly answered. It’s also great that we have one dedicated contact at Resco to whom we can turn to. Therefore, we don’t have to explain our case every time, which makes solving issues much faster. Rasmus Bjørn Vinther, IT Developer at Kemp & Lauritzen

Soon, the company wants to utilize Resco Routes to empower their technicians even more. They want them to create work orders and plan their days without help from the back office. And with Resco Routes, they could easily move things around in the schedule and automatically optimize their travel.

Additionally, Kemp & Lauritzen are now also planning to transfer all their documentation to Resco Inspections forms and questionnaires, which will allow them to use the same setup across the entire company.


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