Case study
We had the app operational in our sandbox within 48 hours and testing in the field on production within the first week

“We had the app operational in our sandbox within 48 hours and testing in the field on production within the first week.”

Gulp Limited is Resco’s customer from Ireland that needed offline mobility to complement its Salesforce back-end system. After testing several solutions, they chose Resco, that was the only solution that would meet the needs of its field teams.

As we explored the solution, we were delighted to learn how easy it was to configure and customize to our particular needs and with the excellent support available from the Resco team. The cost to implement and risk factors were dramatically reduced in this way. With the support, we had the app operational in our sandbox within 48 hours and testing in the field on production within the first week. Joseph Guthrie, Director at GULP Limited

About GULP Limited

Gulp is a water services company delivering environmentally sustainable alternatives to bottled water to consumers. The company believes that water as a fundamental part of our lives must always be of top quality. Gulp uses modern water purification technology to purify drinking water at the kitchen sink to provide crystal clear and healthy water. The purification system eliminates up to 99,9% of contaminants contained in regular drinking water.

Business Challenge

Irish water services company has a team of field engineers all over the country offering services mainly to residential customers. The field team completes daily appointments at customer sites planned by the back-office. Visiting the households, they do not just provide & install Gulp water purification technology, but also make sure, and everything works as supposed to, providing post-installation services.

To ensure, the visit is successful, the team needs to:

  • Plan the daily tasks effectively
  • Have 360° overview and instant access to all products & prices
  • Be able to check in/out at each visit
  • Close the appointment with an editable payment invoice
  • Be independent of the Internet connectivity

Solution & Benefits

As we found that the mobile apps we previously tried were not functional in our usage case, we determined that we needed an application that would work effectively offline. Our principle issues with other apps were that they would not store product or price information locally and could not be used to review entries prior to closing off appointments unless it was online with close to full network coverage. Such coverage was not available in 50%+ of our customer sites, and so the application was not functional. Joseph Guthrie, Director at GULP Limited

What was missing before?

  • 100% support – Implementing Resco took less than a week and cost a fraction of the investment previously made, resulting in lost sales opportunities.

Resco’s support team is responsive, and they know their technology from the ground up. We had quick and effective responses to our requests for assistance when we were configuring the app. We were able to start testing the app within the demo environment within 2 days and rolled it out in the field within the first week. Joseph Guthrie, Director at GULP Limited

  • The users were not able to track the changes when editing products in offline mode – it made managing the products painful & complicated.

The team at Gulp experienced issues where there was less than full strength 4G coverage. Previously, they had problems not just with accessing the products offline, but also there were delays with Check in and Closing appointments. When editing the products in offline mode, they had no visibility on the Product Name in the Product Consumed list, which made it impossible for users to check usage recorded on the device to actual.

  • The team had difficulty to enter and have visibility on payments that was prone to numerous sync errors.

When collecting payments at households with previous mobile apps, all of our users were very frustrated, the company was exposed to risk and loss of upselling opportunity. Now we use Resco to send, track, and manage the daily appointments for the team, including recording filters parts usage, charges, and mainly payments. It also help us optimize routing and individual user workrate. Joseph Guthrie, Director at GULP Limited

  • The real motivation for field users was missing – now it is possible thanks to detailed user insights & route planning.

Field teams now start the day with route optimization planned by the back-office. It increases their productivity and eliminates frustration. The tipping on the ice is that GULP can check the individual user work rate. With Resco’s auditing & analysis options, the company now gathers each user insights that motivate team members for stronger performance.


To the company, the helpfulness and responsiveness of the support team is a major positive for Resco. They are now able to focus entirely on growing the business profitably. One of the principal pain points for its field team and sales administration staff has been removed. The lack of a proper field solution was exposing us to considerable risk in the areas of stock control and payment management, as well as taking focus from upselling opportunities.


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