Add legally-binding signatures to your Resco forms, even offline


We integrated DocuSign into our mobile apps so that users can add legally-binding signatures directly in the app, even offline.

DocuSign is a digital transaction platform that lets users send, sign, and manage legally-binding documents. Files can be easily uploaded and sent for collecting electronic signatures, which are then automatically saved.

There are numerous benefits of electronic signatures. They speed up the signing process, cut down on paper-related costs, and it’s also a better choice for the environment as we can save tons of paper by executing our contracts and other legal documents electronically.

Electronic signatures can make a difference in a wide range of industries and situations. Let’s see some examples:

Construction site inspection

An inspector from the Ministry of Environment is sent to a holiday resort situated in a remote conservation area deep in the mountains. In order to stay in business, the owners of the property are required to abide by the legal requirements for environmental protection.

The inspector controls whether all requirements are met (e.g. the construction is not polluting the area with toxic substances, it recycles properly, etc).

Because of the place’s remote location, there’s no stable Internet connection, therefore the inspector fills out the questionnaire on his tablet in offline mode. The inspector and the construction manager confirm the results by adding their legally binding electronic signatures to the filled-out form.

Once the inspector returns to a place where he has access to the Internet, the data is automatically synchronized to local authorities and the owners can extend their construction permit for one more year.

Completing the entire inspection digitally reduces the time spent filling out the form, drafting a report, and filing it with necessary authorities and organizations.

Sales orders

Some deals are still being closed offline. Take, a company selling heavy-duty factory equipment which regularly sends its sales reps to remote factories – to present their offering to the potential clients.

If they decide to make a purchase, they can immediately fill out the order form. And complete it by adding the legally binding signatures, even if there’s no Internet connection.

When back online, the back office immediately receives the signed order and they can start preparing the ordered goods for delivery right away. The order is confirmed in minutes, while previously it might have taken hours or even days to get it finalized.

Field service visits

Field technicians often have to perform their tasks in fully disconnected areas. For them, an app that works seamlessly offline is a must.

Let’s take the example of an energy renovation company installing and inspecting heat insulation at households. Its technicians regularly visit customers to check on the thermal efficiency of their properties. They gather all the information to assess the building’s condition with dedicated digital forms.

Once the form is filled in, they finish the process by adding their electronic signature and generate a report. The report, complete with a signature, is sent to the back office and to the property owner as well.

Ultimately, with less paperwork and steps to go through, the renovation plan can be drafted straightaway, even during the same visit.

Want to try the offline DocuSign integration?

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